How we work

How we make our Outdoor Cushions

No ‘production lines’ here! We are proud that all of our outdoor furniture cushions are individually cut and sewn, rather than mass produced.

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Cutting & Sewing Outdoor Cushions

We work in well-lit workshop premises equipped with all the necessary tools and machinery we require, all readily on hand. One machine we purposely don’t have is a ‘digital cutting table’ where fabric is cut very quickly by a computer programmed cutting knife.

Outdoor cushion fabric is expertly cut from the roll
Specialist outdoor cushion fabric is cut to size and shape

Instead, because we are not a ‘production line’ type of company, we cut our fabric the old-fashioned way… with a pair of tailor’s shears… and a very trained eye!

By working in this way, any adjustments required due to the shape of the outdoor cushion, or the particular fabric that has been chosen, can be easily taken account of. Every fabric has a slightly different ‘feel’ and needs to be cut accordingly… something that our Sewing Technicians’ many years of experience enables them to ably cope with.

The outdoor cushion cover fabric being cut to size, ready for sewing
Cut fabric is machine sewn to make the new outdoor cushion cover

As a Company, over our 30 year history, we've always believed that giving our staff pride in their work is crucial to our success. So, in this age of many things being mass produced on mind-numbing production lines, where each person only carries out one small part of the production process, we like to be different. This means that normally one of our Sewing Technicians will make your entire order, from start to finish. Each order they make is very different… different shapes, different sizes, different fabrics… so this maintains their interest, and gives them an immense sense of pride in their work.

Working with The Outdoor Cushion Co.

Wherever you are based in the U.K…or further afield......we can work with you!

We deliver throughout the U.K. and if you’re based elsewhere in Europe we can also help as we have International Couriers who are happy to transport our Outdoor Cushions throughout Europe.

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We’re not a huge mass production company. What we are, is a well-established, family owned and run company based in Bristol. We pride ourselves on making completely bespoke outdoor furniture cushions, exactly to your requirements and with great care and attention to detail. How we work with you depends on whether or not you can visit us:

If you're NOT able to visit us…

If you can't visit us then that's not a problem! We have successfully supplied made-to-measure outdoor cushions to Retail and Trade customers all over the U.K., and throughout Europe, over many years. Our bespoke outdoor garden furniture cushions are sent carriage free throughout mainland UK for all orders over £100. Just give us a call or drop us an email and tell us some details of what you have in mind and we'll be happy to respond in a friendly and positive manner.

Friendly and helpful staff to help with your outdoor cushion equiries
Outdoor cushion fabric samples are available on request

Our friendly and experienced staff are not paid on commission and are very willing to use their vast experience to help you and are happy to offer various ideas, options and prices for your project. Of course, we’re also more than happy to post you appropriate fabric samples free of charge and without obligation.

1000s of Outdoor cushion fabrics on display
Outdoor furniture cushions for you to try out!

If you ARE able to visit us…

If you live near enough to pop in and visit us at our Bristol based Workshop / Showroom, then you can try out our specialist outdoor cushion filling types to see what suits your comfort the best. (If you are perfectly happy with your existing cushion fillings, then we can often recover what you already have). We can also show you a great range of high performance outdoor cushion fabrics that we have proven to be both attractive and durable enough for outdoor use. If you bring along an existing outdoor cushion, or the sizes of any new cushions you might like us to make, then our friendly, non-commission, staff will be pleased to give you advice, options and prices without any obligation to proceed.

Why not take a VIRTUAL TOUR of our Showroom and Workshop by clicking on the image below…

Our customer viewing walkway
You can view our expert staff at work

We’ve recently invested in an 80 ft ‘Customer Viewing Walkway’ (above) that enables you to see exactly what we’re up to! We’re very proud of the way we work and have nothing to hide, hence we actively encourage visitors to wander along the walkway and see first-hand how we work.

To view our range of 600+ searchable Outdoor Fabrics, click below to go to our unique…


Shaped Bespoke Outdoor Cushions are no problem!
Many outdoor cushion examples on display in our showroom

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