Frequently Asked Questions

Our incoming phone lines are open 10.00am to 1.00pm and 1.30pm to 3.00pm, Monday to Thursday only, however, we are all here working full, normal hours, i.e. 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, so if you need to email, or leave a voicemail, we will gladly respond promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a selection of answers, to the questions regarding our Outdoor Cushions and services that we are frequently asked by customers.
QHow do I get a Quote?

If you have existing cushions, please email images and sizes. If you don’t have existing cushions, please just email the sizes of the area requiring cushions, and images if possible, and we will suggest options and costs for you to consider.

QHow much will my cushions cost?

To give you detailed options and costs we would need to know what you’re looking to be produced. Please contact us, using our online form, providing us with your outdoor cushion requirements and sizes and we'll gladly supply a no-obligation quote.

QWhy would I pay your prices when I can buy outdoor cushions very reasonably at B&Q etc.?

If you are able to fit mass produced ready-made cushions to your seating area, and you’re happy to just have whatever fabric and filling is on their shelves, then they will always be considerably less expensive than us, as every cushion we make here in Bristol is bespoke.

QDo you have a showroom?

We don’t have a physical showroom, but we have a unique on-line Fabric Selector that shows over 500 specialist outdoor fabrics and we’re very happy to post you fabric samples.

QDo you have any outdoor cushions ready-made?

No, every outdoor cushion we create is individually made to each customer’s requirements.

QDo you make ‘standard size’ outdoor cushions?

There are no ‘standard sizes’ as such, but yes, we can make cushions to any size you wish.

QCan I leave your cushions out in the rain?

Yes, our ‘Rain and Shine’ foam covered in any of our 500+ Specialist Outdoor fabrics can be left out in all weathers, all year round.

QAre your cushions waterproof?

All our fabrics are water repellent which means rain will run off them if left out in a rain shower. However as the fabrics are breathable, then excessive rain would penetrate the cushion… so we have the answer!

If you choose our ‘Rain & Shine’ foam and ‘Hollow Fibre’ Backrest fillings, your new cushions will be able to be left out in all weathers, all year round!.

QDo your Outdoor fabrics feel ‘plasticky’?

Thankfully, no! The technology used to create the Specialist Outdoor fabrics we offer has come a very long way in recent years. Consequently, when you request some of our free sample fabrics you will likely be surprised at how warm and pleasant to the touch our modern fabrics feel.

QAre your cushions guaranteed?

The 10 colours in our ‘Outdoor Standard’ fabric range have a 1 year guarantee, however ALL our other fabrics have a 5 year guarantee and a UV rating of 7 out of 8.

QAre your fabrics machine washable?

The vast majority of our fabrics are, but please check regarding the particular fabric(s) you have chosen.

QWhat are your fabrics made of?

Our Specialist Outdoor fabrics are generally made of Solution Dyed Acrylic, or Olefin.

QWhere do your fabrics come from?

The majority of the Specialist Outdoor fabrics we offer originate from Spain, The Netherlands and Australia.

QWhat thickness cushions should I ask for?

Take a look at our ‘Design Considerations & Planning’ page for lots of helpful guidance.

QCan you make outdoor cushions to any shape?

Yes, in over 35 years we have so far been able to overcome every outdoor cushion shaped challenge… one way or another!

QHow long is your lead time?

This depends on the time of year. Generally our quieter months are November through to January but we can advise current lead times when you enquire. Using one of our stock fabrics will normally enable a quicker turn round of your order than if you choose a fabric that has to be ordered in specially.

QI’m making Pallett furniture. Can you make me cushions to fit?

Yes we can. However, as every cushion we make is bespoke, our prices will be considerably greater than if you can make do with ‘off the shelf’ mass produced cushions from a DIY store.

QHow do you cope with the shaped cushions that I require?

If you have existing cushions then we can use them as a template. Otherwise you can supply a paper or polythene template for us to work to. This method works very successfully, as described in our ‘Design Considerations & Planning’ page.

QCan you send anyone to measure what cushions I need?

We don’t offer that service as you can be rest assured that we have very successfully created all the cushions shown in our ‘Previous Orders’ gallery, all purely from our customers’ own measurements and if necessary paper templates.

QWhat is piping?

Piping is simply an extra run of fabric covered ‘beading’ that can be sewn into the seams of your cushions at extra cost. It’s purely aesthetic so it does not add to the integrity of the cover in any way.

Piping can either match your cover fabric, or you can choose a contrasting colour if you want it to really stand out..

QIs there a filling softer than foam that I can choose for backrest cushions?

For seat cushions our ‘Rain & Shine’ foam is ideal as it is quite firm and supportive. For backrest cushions, our ‘Hollow Fibre’ filling gives a softer, plumper, comfortable feel.

QCan you fit ties etc. to my new cushions to hold them in place?

Yes, if required we can incorporate ties when we create your new cushions.

QDo you supply the Trade?

Yes, if you are a Landscape Architect, Garden Designer, Contract Specifier, Hotel, Pub, Restaurant owner etc., then we can supply you on a Trade basis. In fact we have a dedicated TRADE website. Just click here to visit.

QWhere are you based?

We are based in Bristol, but we deliver all over Mainland UK.

QAre you a huge company?

No, we’re proud to be a family owned and run business, with 30+ staff and that’s been trading successfully for over 35 years.

QAre your Sales Advisors paid commission?

Absolutely not! We give professional, knowledgeable advice and we pride ourselves on doing so in a polite, no-pressure manner.

QCan you supply just your specialist foam, without any covers?

Yes, just let us know what you need and we will give you options and costs.

QCan I supply you my own fabric to use?

99% of our customers choose one of our Specialist Outdoor fabrics to have their cushions made in. But if you have your own fabric you would like us to use, then subject to seeing a sample, this should be possible.

QCan you recover my existing cushions?

Yes we can, if your existing cushions are still in good condition. Although you may feel that you would like to leave them out in all weathers, which will only be possible if we use new ‘Rain or Shine’ fillings.

QCan you collect my existing cushions?

Yes, we can send you special packaging and collect them by courier, throughout Mainland UK.

QDo your prices include VAT?

Yes, we always quote Retail customers prices that include VAT.

QDo you charge for delivery?

If your order is for £100 or more (very likely!) then we offer free delivery within Mainland UK.

QDo you have a minimum order?

No, you can order anything from one cushion upwards. The record so far for a single retail customer is 56 individually shaped outdoor cushions!

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